Maria Sharapova Doping Ban Reduced

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Former World Number 1 Maria Sharapova was banned by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) After she tested positive for meldonium, less than a month after the drug was banned.

Her ban has been reduced to 15 months from the original 2 years imposed, after her appeal.

But the ITF warns players over claiming ignorance. The ITF said “appropriate steps were taken to publicise any changes” and added,  “Nonetheless, we have reviewed, and will continue to review, our processes for communicating changes to the prohibited list to players with the aim of ensuring that no player can claim that they had not been fully informed.”


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Maria Sharapova Doping Ban Appeal Verdict

WELLBET Tennis Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova will find out on 14:00 BST Tuesday if her two year doping ban will be overturned

Maria Sharapova was banned by the International Tennis Federation after testing positive for meldonium, a drug that she has used since 2006 for health problems, at the 2016 Australian Open. She proclaimed that she had “not tried to use a performance-enhancing substance”.

Meldonium had only become a banned substance on Janruary 01, 2016

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