Is “Sun Yat-Sen of Asia” underestimated?

This morning, the second match of the Champions League 1/8 finals, the most popular match between Tottenham and Dortmund, after the double play of last season’s group match, it turned into a sling, and this game is the main team. The first record is still the unstoppable Sun Xingyu in the near future. Under the alternative 352 formation with no typical center in Pochettino, the squad-like volley hit at the beginning of the “Sun Ball King” at the forefront of the formation, which made the game situation fall. North London team.

Counting this ball, Dortmund became the team that Sun Xingyu debuted so far, and he was the most attacked by the team (11 games and 9 goals). In the last 12 official games, Sun Xingyu participated in the team’s 16 goals (11 goals and 5 assists). In the 13 games that Sun Xingyu scored, Tottenham scored a complete victory, saying that Sun Xingyu is Tottenham’s “can opener” + “Fuxing”, which is not an exaggeration.

However, despite being invincible in the Premier League, there are also high-profile performances that have lasted for many seasons. However, in the eyes of many fans, Sun Xingyu is still “a star is more than a superpower,” he has just passed the Asian Cup, as an Asian brother. The granules are not harvested, and the popular “Tai Chi Tiger” is the best in the quarterfinals. The state and performance of the national team and the club are too sharp, and Sun Xingyu has always traveled between the overestimated or underrated peaks. In the final analysis, what is the true strength of “Sun Ball King”? What is the root cause of the bias? The current environment of Tottenham is the perfect platform for Sun Xingyu’s career height, or has it reached the bottleneck?

When the thigh returns, I am the “one brother”!
“You are coming back, I can’t bear it without you” – During the Asian Cup, Tottenham’s eyes on Sun Xingyu are like the lyrics of Sun Nan. During the absence of Sun Xingyu, Tottenham first lost to Chelsea in the London Derby, and lost two goals in the FA Cup to the “King of London” Crystal Palace. The negative impact of the absence of “Sun Ball King” is visible to the naked eye. When Tottenham 7 refused to wash away the dust and returned to the game, Tottenham returned to the usual rhythm: winning Waterford, Newcastle and Leicester City in succession, the three rounds still maintained the top spot. The pressure of the two males, the number one hero? All three rounds of the game have scored, twice named by the Whoscored website, the best Sun Xingzhen, has reached the position of who I am.

It is true that in the eyes of most fans, in the front quartet of Tottenham, Sun Xingyu’s priority is not in front, and does not mention Kane’s youth training, Ali’s “hukou” natural addition, and control of Eric’s overall situation. Sen, obviously not necessary. But compared to the three who served as “conventional weapons,” Sun Xingyu is precisely the biggest variable in Tottenham’s frontcourt. So far this season, sticking to the “most out” Tottenham, the routine has been gradually penetrated by opponents, and now it is facing an unprecedented injury, after Kane and Ali retreat, Pochettino is even difficult to get a set of starting The trio of the field, Sun Xingyu’s value of the heroic hero is undoubtedly more prominent.

As of the 23rd round, the Korean winger played 1357 minutes, contributed 11 goals and 5 assists, and directly participated in 1 goal every 84.8 minutes, second only to Aguero in the All-English Super League (averaging 1 goal per 73 minutes), Lista Inside (85 minutes) and Salah (92 minutes), considering that Tottenham’s team scored 20 goals and 5 goals less than Manchester City and Liverpool respectively, the team added less Sun Xingyu, and also faced such as the Asian Cup. Such as the additional physical energy consumption, the actual contribution beyond the data, the amount of gold can be imagined.

In addition, “Asian Brother” can score 16 goals at the Wembley Stadium, which is often beaten by Tottenham. The team is second only to Kane’s 20 goals, and the adversity is equally reliable.

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