Wellbetsports News : 2018 Iranian World Cup: Which well-meaning people give sponsorship



April 4th The Iranian jersey for the 2018 World Cup has not yet been

settled. Because there is no sponsor, it sounds like a sad reminder.

 (Wellbet World Cup 2018).


According to the Football Equipment Intelligence Network, the Iranian national team still has no shirt sponsors. After many of the 2018 World Cup qualifier teams including Argentina and Germany have announced the uniforms they will use during the World Cup, Iran’s The uniforms are still difficult to produce because they have no sponsors yet.

After the contract between Iran and Adidas was over, no new sponsors had entered, and the 2018 World Cup Iranian jersey has not been hit. In the two warm-up matches in March of this year, although the Iranian team wore new home and away jerseys, these two jerseys are still Adidas old template, 2017 Tiro 17 jersey template and 2016 Condivo 16 team jersey template. According to Footy Headlines, if no sponsors are found at the time, the team will create their own uniforms, and then the team logo and jersey number will only be posted on their own. They will also be the home and away jerseys of Iran’s 2018 World Cup in Russia. 2016 Condivo 16 Team Jersey Template

The 2018 World Cup Iranian jersey has not yet been settled. If it still cannot be found, I am afraid it will have to be rectified with the appearances of the previous sessions. It sounds so good and sour, and that well-intentioned person has sponsored one.


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WELLBET EN : 2018 World Cup Deaths Group: Can Argentina Reborn Nirvana Again

The most awaited event will begin 2 months from now

 (Wellbet World Cup 2018).

It is well-known that Argentina was extremely unprepared at the beginning of the 2014 World Cup. However, with the help of this powerful attack force and solid defense, the people finally made a final move to the finals, and a miracle of Nirvana was born. And 2018 Argentina was put in a death group. Can it be reborn again?

You may wish to wait and see – 2018 World Cup points to the death of the group, Argentina again Nirvana reborn! ! For such an encounter, Argentina did not seem to have much mood swings. Anyway, San Poli was bent on playing Argentina as another Barcelona. He also insisted that Messi should be given the fullest power to allow him to ride the green field. This is a great deal of trust and courage, of course, there is no distraction.

Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
Group B: Portugal, Spain, Iran, Morocco
Group C: France, Peru, Denmark, Australia
Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria
Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
Group G: Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama
Group H: Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan
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Wellsports: 2018 World Cup Russia’s New Initiative: Let Football Go in Space



March 23, Beijing time According to news from Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, Russia recently made a new move on the 2018 World Cup. They sent a soccer ball to outer space and may be sent back as a ball for the World Cup. .This news is simply listening to so creative? It is reported that Russia has recently launched an “Alligator-FG” carrier rocket carrying three astronauts from the Russian Union “MS-08” spacecraft and a soccer ball to the International Space Station. Before the 2018 World Cup opens they will bring the ball back and use it! !At 20:44 on the 21st Moscow time (1:44 on the 22nd, Beijing time), rockets and manned spacecraft were launched from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan. After the separation of the spacecraft and the rocket, it successfully entered the scheduled flight orbit. It is expected to begin docking with the International Space Station on the evening of the 23rd, Moscow time. Feel this is the official ball of the 2018 World Cup in Russia created with new technologies.


Imagine what kind of changes will be made to the football that has returned after passing through outer space. If it is you, will you be willing to kick it and kick it again? However, it is also a good idea for people to use it as a ball for the World Cup, and it has the historical significance of Genesis. “World Cup + outer space + national international” think about the sky there is hanging friend!

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Brazil’s famous shaman opens the mouth: Neymar will not participate in the 2018 World Cup due to injury


March 19th, Beijing time Brazil’s star Neymar was sadly injured in an accident to play for Saint-Germain in Paris. He still returned home to recover from injuries. According to the latest report of the British “Daily Mirror”, all Brazilian fans are closely watching Neymar’s injury. Surprisingly, as early as December of last year, a famous wizard in the country released a statement saying The star of Samba, who will be absent due to injury, will kick off the World Cup Russia this June!

In the 27th round of the Ligue 1 League on February 26, Paris Saint-Germain was 3-0 at the Prince Park, beating the national derby against Marseille, but Neymar was replaced in the 79th minute of the second half. . Then the Paris Saint-Germain Club publicly stated that Neymar’s injury was a fracture of the right shinbone in the fifth and that his ankle was also injured. Initially, Paris Saint-Germain coach Emery had made it clear that the club would treat Neymar’s injury carefully and would be inoperable without surgery. In the end, however, Neymar failed to escape the fate of undergoing surgery and required at least two and a half to three months recovery time.

Although Brazilian team doctors predicted that Neymar could resume training and participate in the competition before the World Cup was opened, one Brazilian wizard actually made the opposite prediction. As early as December of last year, the famous Brazilian witcher Vidalt had publicly stated that Neymar would be absent from the Russian World Cup due to injury. At the time, he said: “The next year’s World Cup, Neymar is definitely not a kick, he will be injured. Absent 5 to 7 months. However, the Brazilian national team is still able to win the third place or fourth place in this World Cup in Russia.”

According to the report of the Daily Mirror reporter Simon Mullock, Vidalt has many followers in Brazil, and now they are worried that this famous wizard will be “a success”. The reason why so many people trust Vedante is that during the 2014 World Cup, Vidal once predicted that the Brazilian national team will lose to the German team in the semi-finals, and the Spartan army eventually took 1-7. The disparity score was brutally abused by the German tank.

Listening to how to feel cautiously cautious, what exactly was the Brazilian team doctor saying, or was this wizard once again saying something? Everyone may wish to wait and see.

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2018 World Cup Russia’s exclusive airport supervision over construction: cost 600 million pounds


Beijing, March 16th News Russia has created a special airport for the World Cup. The airport is called Platov. It is reported that the airport under the supervision of the Twelve Architects has been completed recently. The building is rectangular in shape, with multiple 16×16-meter grids that are easily adapted to future expansion and are enlarged by adding side walls and roof panels. The 8-metre-wide glass sunroof in the center of the building marks the boundary between the international flight area and the domestic flight area.

It replaced the previous airport in the city that was not suitable for further expansion. As one of the host cities for this year’s Football World Cup, Rostov hopes to welcome thousands of tourists during the event. The 50,000-square-meter new terminal building created the landmarks required for the initial competition project. It is composed of nine 16-meter-wide arches.

It is also a passenger terminal. The first phase of airport development includes a 3,700-meter runway, multi-storey car parks, control towers, maintenance, repair and overhaul hangars, office buildings and hotel projects, and related infrastructure. The new transport hub also includes the future high-speed rail station as part of the expansion plan for the Russian railway network.

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Kane’s ankle hurts again May affect the 2018 World Cup


March 14th, Beijing time, Kane was injured, and the three Lions Corps Kane suffered another ankle injury. According to the British daily “Daily Mirror”, Kane is likely to have a six-week truce, and possibly even longer. Severe words may It will also affect the 2018 World Cup schedule.

Following the suspension of a serious injury to Paris’s Neymar foot ankle, the three Lions’ Kane collided with the opposing goalkeeper in the English Premier League last weekend.
His right ankle severely deformed, and this was his first time in 18 months. Three ankle injuries. In July 2016, Kane had a seven-week truce with an ankle injury. “Mirror” had previously stated that Kane’s injury was even more serious than that of July 2016.

Kane’s injury made Spurs and England’s national team extremely worried. His ankle was severely swollen and he could only walk with crutches. Originally, Spurs was going to have Kane check this Monday, but his ankles were so swollen that he couldn’t accurately position himself. From the standpoint of the match, Kane will surely miss the Tottenham’s FA Cup quarter-finals and possibly the semi-finals and 4 Premier League matches. In April,

4 league matches will directly determine whether Tottenham can compete for the fourth consecutively. The opponents include: Chelsea, Manchester City and Brighton.

And if his recovery is not ideal, it may even affect his 2018 World Cup trip. After all, he needs to take a long break, and the first match will be an extraordinary match. It is not much better than others, but at the same time it has been suspended for so long, what is the state may not keep up.

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The Red Devils began to dig for the corner

News From Wellsports:

March 12th Papastatopoulos has excellent defensive skills, at least in the World Cup 2018 can be locked in Messi certainly not a poor hand, and this has deeply attracted the Red Devils, According to the “Mirror” reports: Manchester United is watching Dortmund’s long-standing 29-year-old Greek defender Sokratis-Papastersophos.

Papastatopoulos has excellent defensive skills and has been selected for the Greek national team several times. Currently, he is worth around £20M. Papasterasopoulos once faced face-to-face with Lionel Messi on the stage of the World Cup and his performance was remarkable.

World Cup Sports Spook

Sokratis Papastathopoulos (June 9, 1988) was born in Kalamata, Greece. He is a Greek football player, a central defender and is currently playing for Dortmund Bundesliga. Sokratis Papastersopoulos has played for Over Heat Naia Football Club and Athens AEK Football Club.

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Germany 2018 World Cup team released: 23 in the list who?

World cup tournament Will Start Soon

Beijing time March 5 to March 5 Germany 2018 World Cup in the 23-rounder list, there will be what people, this is what many fans are eager to know, according to the German Football Association recently news, the national team Coach luf will be announced on May 15 2018 Russia World Cup German team list. Germany 2018 World Cup squad has not been released, but at least know the team will be announced on May 15, when the German chariot fans are more concerned about it.

It is reported that on May 15, Loew will announce the initial big name list for the World Cup at the German Football Museum in Dortmund. On May 23, the team will leave for training camp in South Tyrol. Subsequently, he The final 23-person roster will be finalized on June 4. The German team will usher in a warm-up match against Saudi Arabia on June 8, and on June 12 they will arrive in Moscow, five days after the first battle against Mexico will be kicked off. Joachim Loew was born on February 3, 1960 in Schoenau, Lehrach County, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. German football coach, former footballer, the Secretary serving midfielder. German national football team coach. In 1995, Loew began his coaching career. In 2010, Loew was elected the French “Team Newspaper” world’s best coach in the world. On the evening of October 18, 2013, Loew and the German Football Association renewed their contract to the conclusion of the European Cup in 2016. In 2014, Loew led the German team to win the World Cup in Brazil as a coach. In 2014, the German team World Cup champion Loew officially elected this year’s “football coach.”


Facts About the FIFA World Cup Trophy

As Kenyans continue to view and take photos with the Fifa World Cup which is on it’s tour of Africa, here are some of the facts about football’s most coveted trophy:

– The trophy is valued at Sh1 billion.

– It is made of solid gold.

– Only heads of state are allowed to touch the gleaming treasure during it’s current tour of the world.

– The World Cup trophy is the most recognised sports symbols in the world.

– It first landed in Kenya in February 2010.

– The trophy weighs six-kilogrammes.

– It stands 36 centimetres tall.

– This is the fourth time that the Original Fifa World Cup Trophy is going on tour around the world. The 2018 trophy tour will visit 51 countries and 91 cities across the globe.

 The total distance covered by the silverware in 2013 was 149,576.78 km (92,942.702 miles). That is more than three times the circumference of earth!

– The Tour was developed through an exclusive partnership between Fifa and Coca-Cola, one of Fifa’s longest-standing corporate partners.

– During the Trophy Tour, fans have been given the chance to enjoy a rare close-up view of the authentic Fifa World Cup Trophy.

– Only eight nations have won the trophy.

– Brazil remains the most successful nation in the history of the World Cup – having lifted the Cup five times. They last won the trophy in South Korea in 2002.

– Current World Champions have won the World Cup four times with Spain (2010) and France (1998) winning it once.

– At events in each city, fans will have the opportunity to have a souvenir photo taken of themselves with the trophy, view a special hologram animation showcasing memorable moments of the Fifa World Cup, participate in interactive displays and enjoy other entertainment.


Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay step up their joint bid for World Cup 2030

Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay will push their joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup during this year’s edition of football’s biggest tournament in Russia, officials said on Monday.

Government representatives from the three South American nations met in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo to discuss the next steps in promoting their candidacy.


“The World Cup is coming and I think the time is right to use all of our combined force to present [our bid] in front of a world audience,” Uruguay’s President Tabare Vazquez said in a statement.


“[This year’s World Cup] will be a great chance to position and consolidate our bid because the world will be focused on football and we can have a privileged space of attention.”


This year’s World Cup will be played in 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15.


Monday’s meeting also included Argentine Football Association president Claudio Tapia, Argentina’s sports secretary Fernando Marin and Paraguay’s tourism minister Marcela Bacigalupo, among other officials.


The 2030 tournament will take place 100 years after Uruguay won the inaugural World Cup as hosts.


Argentina and Uruguay, both two-time World Cup winners, announced their plans for a joint candidacy early last year before adding Paraguay to the bid in September.


The tournament has been staged once before in both Argentina and Uruguay while Paraguay is aiming to host it for the first time.


According to officials, Uruguay and Paraguay would be allocated one or two stadiums each while Argentina could provide up to six venues.

Vazquez said: “If today it looks difficult to organize a World Cup, that’s why there are three countries who are uniting to carry it forward.


“Think how difficult it would have been in 1930 to embark on the adventure of organizing the first World Cup and if it had been a bad experience, I don’t know if we would be talking today about hosting it again.”


He added that the commission would choose a logo for the candidacy within 15 days.