Is “Sun Yat-Sen of Asia” underestimated?

This morning, the second match of the Champions League 1/8 finals, the most popular match between Tottenham and Dortmund, after the double play of last season’s group match, it turned into a sling, and this game is the main team. The first record is still the unstoppable Sun Xingyu in the near future. Under the alternative 352 formation with no typical center in Pochettino, the squad-like volley hit at the beginning of the “Sun Ball King” at the forefront of the formation, which made the game situation fall. North London team.

Counting this ball, Dortmund became the team that Sun Xingyu debuted so far, and he was the most attacked by the team (11 games and 9 goals). In the last 12 official games, Sun Xingyu participated in the team’s 16 goals (11 goals and 5 assists). In the 13 games that Sun Xingyu scored, Tottenham scored a complete victory, saying that Sun Xingyu is Tottenham’s “can opener” + “Fuxing”, which is not an exaggeration.

However, despite being invincible in the Premier League, there are also high-profile performances that have lasted for many seasons. However, in the eyes of many fans, Sun Xingyu is still “a star is more than a superpower,” he has just passed the Asian Cup, as an Asian brother. The granules are not harvested, and the popular “Tai Chi Tiger” is the best in the quarterfinals. The state and performance of the national team and the club are too sharp, and Sun Xingyu has always traveled between the overestimated or underrated peaks. In the final analysis, what is the true strength of “Sun Ball King”? What is the root cause of the bias? The current environment of Tottenham is the perfect platform for Sun Xingyu’s career height, or has it reached the bottleneck?

When the thigh returns, I am the “one brother”!
“You are coming back, I can’t bear it without you” – During the Asian Cup, Tottenham’s eyes on Sun Xingyu are like the lyrics of Sun Nan. During the absence of Sun Xingyu, Tottenham first lost to Chelsea in the London Derby, and lost two goals in the FA Cup to the “King of London” Crystal Palace. The negative impact of the absence of “Sun Ball King” is visible to the naked eye. When Tottenham 7 refused to wash away the dust and returned to the game, Tottenham returned to the usual rhythm: winning Waterford, Newcastle and Leicester City in succession, the three rounds still maintained the top spot. The pressure of the two males, the number one hero? All three rounds of the game have scored, twice named by the Whoscored website, the best Sun Xingzhen, has reached the position of who I am.

It is true that in the eyes of most fans, in the front quartet of Tottenham, Sun Xingyu’s priority is not in front, and does not mention Kane’s youth training, Ali’s “hukou” natural addition, and control of Eric’s overall situation. Sen, obviously not necessary. But compared to the three who served as “conventional weapons,” Sun Xingyu is precisely the biggest variable in Tottenham’s frontcourt. So far this season, sticking to the “most out” Tottenham, the routine has been gradually penetrated by opponents, and now it is facing an unprecedented injury, after Kane and Ali retreat, Pochettino is even difficult to get a set of starting The trio of the field, Sun Xingyu’s value of the heroic hero is undoubtedly more prominent.

As of the 23rd round, the Korean winger played 1357 minutes, contributed 11 goals and 5 assists, and directly participated in 1 goal every 84.8 minutes, second only to Aguero in the All-English Super League (averaging 1 goal per 73 minutes), Lista Inside (85 minutes) and Salah (92 minutes), considering that Tottenham’s team scored 20 goals and 5 goals less than Manchester City and Liverpool respectively, the team added less Sun Xingyu, and also faced such as the Asian Cup. Such as the additional physical energy consumption, the actual contribution beyond the data, the amount of gold can be imagined.

In addition, “Asian Brother” can score 16 goals at the Wembley Stadium, which is often beaten by Tottenham. The team is second only to Kane’s 20 goals, and the adversity is equally reliable.

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Leaving Liverpool, Moreno wants to return to Sevi


According to Spanish media, Liverpool defender Moreno hopes to return to Sevilla.

The 26-year-old Moreno is from Seville youth training. He played for Seve’s first team from 2012 to 2014. He played 62 times in various events and scored 3 goals.

Moreno joined Liverpool from Seville in the summer of 2014. His transfer fee was £12 million, but he hasn’t gotten too many appearances in the last three seasons.

Moreno’s contract with Liverpool will expire at the end of the season and the parties are not expected to renew their contract.

According to the “Marca” news, Moreno hopes to return to Seville, and his old club seems to be interested in signing him for free.

Liverpool hopes to sell Moreno cash in the next winter’s transfer window, but the players are more eager to wait for the old club to sign themselves.

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22 points broadcast live Japan VS Poland Levin proves the spoiler H group qualifying situation


June 35th News June 28th, the final round of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match continues, tonight at 22 o’clock the live broadcast of Japan against Poland. The game is related to the qualifying situation in Japan, and Poland who will be out early will also fight for honor. And this game will also become Lewan’s final proof battle. Can he lead the team to win the World Cup? Can he succeed in spoiling the situation in the H group? let us wait and see.



Two teams starting list forecast

Japan (4-2-3-1): 1 – Kawasaki Yonechi, 5 Yoshitomo Yuto, 3 – Masako Sources, 22 – Yoshida Mayo, 19 – Sakai Hiroki; 7 – Shibasaki Dake, 17 – Hase Vol. Makoto; 14 – Doko, 10 – Kagawa Shinji, 8 – Motokuchi Gen; 15 – Osamu Yuya

Poland (3-4-3): 1-Szczesny; 2-Pazdan, 5-Bednerek, 20-Pishchek; 13-Reebs, 6-Grassky, 10- Crichovich, 18-Beressinsky; 23-Kovnacki, 9-Lewandowski, 19-Zerinski

Japan has become an Asian seedling?

In Asia 5, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Australia, and South Korea have all been out of the game. Japan has thus become an Asian team that may have entered the World Cup knockout round. At present, the Japanese team with 1 win and 1 draw in the 2nd round also firmly holds the initiative for advancement in their own hands, and the final war can be staged only with a draw against Poland. If Japan is lost to Poland, Senegal will win over Colombia. Japan can also qualify as a second team. In any case, the possibility of Japan going smoothly from this group is still very high.

  Out of Poland left and right H group qualifying?

The Polish group’s 1-2 defeat to Senegal before the 2nd match and the 0-3 defeat of Colombia were the seed teams that were eliminated from the first team in the World Cup. The poor performance of the Polish group match is hard to associate with the 8th in the world rankings, the 6th in Europe and the strongest in the group. After becoming the worst seed team in this World Cup, Poland will naturally choose to fight for honor. At the same time, the outcome of Poland’s match against Japan will, to a large extent, also determine the fate of the other three teams in this group. From this point of view, although Poland has already returned home in advance, they have judged the existence of the final in this group.

  Lewan needs urgent goals

Poland has one of the top centers in the world’s football world, Lewandowski, who was even considered a promising Golden Boot before the World Cup. However, in the first two rounds of games, Lewandowski’s state was sluggish and he suffered from criticism.

The last battle in the group stage was the last chance for the Polish striker. Did Lewandowski succeed in achieving self-redemption with goals? What is certain is that Lewandowski wants to score the first goal of the World Cup. The Bayern Falcon wants to use himself. The performance came for his own name.


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22 live Argentina VS Croatia Messi critical battle recovery response C Luo?


News from June 5th, the 2018 Russia World Cup group match has been fully conducted in the second round. The first round of upset draw against Iceland in Argentina will be against Croatia at 2 o’clock tomorrow morning. Can Messi in the downturn of the game start to adjust his mentality in time? How can Messi also lead the team to win the key game when the old rival Ronaldo is hot?


Argentine case of active enemy changes

The 1-1 draw against Argentina in the first battle in Argentina was not thought by many people. In this game, they will face the strongest opponent in the D group – Croatia, before the lattice troop defeated Nigeria 2-0. The media in Argentina revealed that San Baoli will take the initiative to change. Di Maria, Rojo and others are likely to fade out the starting list. In the face of strong enemies, can Argentina, which is actively seeking change, usher in the first victory of the current tournament?

  Messi adjusts his mind to the key

Messi’s performance in the first match of the World Cup was somewhat disappointing, and the penalty for penalty kicks against Messi himself was notably small. After the penalty missed the first round, Messi became the object of criticism and ridicule of media around the world. Fortunately, King Maradona has stood up publicly in a timely manner, and his wife’s family also supports and encourages Messi to re-energize on social media. At the same time, he himself also stated that he has adjusted his attitude and is ready to go all out to meet Croatia. This game is very important for Argentina. As the core of the team, Messi must stand out at a crucial moment.

In addition, Messi’s old rival Cristiano Ronaldo scored another goal in Portugal’s second game, which eventually helped Portugal defeat Morocco by 1-0 to score three points. At the same time, Ronaldo scored four goals in the World Cup. If he continues to develop in accordance with this trend, Ronaldo will undoubtedly become the best shooter in the World Cup. Messi, on the other hand, played well in Argentina vs. Iceland. Messi had to show excellent performance in this game against Croatia. Otherwise, the king of the ball may be once again in the golden ball. The competition is behind C Ronaldo.

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Nigeria’s FIFA Rankings Drop Ahead 2018 World Cup


Nigeria has dropped a point from its last month’s 47th position to 48 place in the world, and from sixth to seventh in the continent, in the latest FIFA rankings.

The statement on FIFA’s website on Thursday said the recent flurry of pre-FIFA World Cup friendlies left its mark on the latest rankings.


While the top three positions are unchanged as Germany, Brazil and Belguim sit respectively, Russia-bound duo of Poland and Uruguay have succeeded in making strides within the top 20.

Super Eagles World Cup Group D foes Argentina, Croatia and Iceland are on fifth, 20th and 22nd positions respectively.

In Africa, Tunisia moved seven places down from 14th in the previous rankings to 21 as the continent’s top ranked team.

Senegal follows in 27th place, while DR Congo stayed on 38 with Russia-bound Morocco on 41st place and Egypt in 45th position.

Ghana, a non-participant at the World Cup moved three places to 47th and sixth in the region.

The next rankings will be released on July 19.

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Refreshing Arsenal’s record of 17 Manchester City World Cup matches


Three-Five Sports News Beijing time on May 25th, Arsenal had set a record of 15 people participating in the World Cup in 2006. This record continued until this year and was then broken by Manchester City. 17 Manchester City players in the World Cup in Russia, melon commander no weak soldiers!


Although the English Premier League event has ended, Manchester City won 100 points in the Premier League. It is an unbeatable record in itself, but it is still not finished. Manchester City continues their record-breaking journey. According to “Man Night” statistics, Manchester City will have 17 players to participate in this summer’s World Cup in Russia.

 Manchester City participates in the 17 players of the Russian World Cup :

Brazil: Edson, Danilo, Fernandinho, Jesus

England: Delf, Stones, Walker, Sterling

Germany: Gundogan, Sarn

Argentina: Otamendi, Aguero

Belgium: Compagno, De Bruyne

Portugal: Bernardo – Silva

Spain: David Silva

France: Mendy

Manchester City will have 17 players to participate in this summer’s World Cup in Russia, which will be two more than the 15 people Arsenal set in 2006.

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Hearts World Cup: Japan’s football legend Miura Shinji has aspirations not to be high


Beijing time January 26 hearing Japanese football has a legendary player, age 51 but still still riding in the green court, bent on participating in the World Cup. According to the “Nippon Sports” report, the Japanese football legend, 51-year-old is still playing professional league Miura Chihiro, said in an interview recently, the hearts of the World Cup, never forget the original intention.



 In 2018, it will be the 33rd season of Miura’s professional league. In response, he said, “I hope I can play one game after another and enter the ball one after another to contribute to the team.

” Talking about the upcoming World Cup in Russia this year, Miura knows how to play football. Enthusiasm, “The World Cup is my eternal dream, but now I do not have the level of the Japanese national team.

I will try hard to get close to this level. I will never give up my dream.” The 
  current Japanese football legend Miura Shinya has Renewed one year with J2 League team Yokohama FC. He recently participated in the first training session of the new season. 

The future may still be able to continue squandering on the battlefield in the green field for a few years, upholding his original intention until the day when he could not move.


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2018 World Cup Champions predict that Brazil and Germany have less probability than this country


Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 3rd, for the 2018 World Cup prediction, the 2018 World Cup championship prediction is a hot topic in recent days. According to the Swiss football research institute CIES Football Observatory issued a prediction report for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, said that there is now a country that has lost Brazil and Germany in one fell swoop to become the highest probability of winning the World Cup! This country is not someone else, officially Spain.


The predictions for the 2018 World Cup winners have always been something that fans are happy to discuss. Most of them believe that Germany and Brazil are the only two candidates. Indeed, one is the winner of the previous World Cup, and the other is the reputation of a five-star Brazil.

However, according to the latest report from Swiss football research organization CIES Football Observatory, Spain has the highest probability of becoming the World Cup champion, with Brazil, France, Germany and England ranking second to fifth.

Comparing the level of national football clubs in various countries, Spain is the most indisputable first place. La Liga has two giants in Real Madrid Barcelona. The former is the first team to win the championship after the Champions League reorganization and this season has once again reached the finals. The latter has just won the double national championship and won the La Liga title seven times in ten years. In addition, Spain also has teams such as Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia. Atletico is even more a contender for the UEFA Champions League this season.

Evaluation basis ]

The criteria for this prediction include the team’s average age, average height, player’s country of birth, and country of effectiveness, and will eventually be integrated into two indicators. First of all, CIES is concerned about the frequency of national team players playing in their home matches, including league matches and cup matches. Second, the level of domestic clubs in the target countries has also become a major measure of the probability of winning titles.

For the first part of the evaluation criteria, CIES makes statistics on the frequency of appearances of national team players in the various events in the country, covering the time range from July 2017 to the present, and the institution will also conduct the competition level of the players’ clubs. survey. In the end, the 2010 South Africa World Cup champion Spain ranked first in this statistic. The Matador Legion stood 23 people in this World Cup qualifier and the frequency of domestic events was as high as 81.1%, surpassing Brazil and France.

Brazil ranked second ]

s the name with a western character more than 6? In any case, Spain scored first, and Brazil followed it with 78%, ranking second in the top five teams.

As for Germany, some intriguing thoughts are that Germany seems to have been forgotten, at least the rankings are just as general.

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Countdown to Messi who will miss the 2018 World Cup


April 26 hearing that the opening of the 2018 World Cup is about to open, but yet so many world-class players will miss the 2018 World Cup because of injuries, and even the core soul of Argentina Messi may also be in danger of leg injury.


From the opening of the 2018 Russia World Cup, there are still less than three months left, but due to injury and other factors leading to a number of outstanding national team, or will be the result of the Russian World Cup finals, including the following five super football superstars.

injury site: thigh muscle ]

Argentina’s Messi has always been the core of the team’s soul, but in recent days his thigh muscles were injured in an earlier game and have not yet recovered. According to reports by a number of media such as the Argentine newspaper “The Trumpets”, the coal brigade has been fighting against injuries in the past few months, but the situation is not so optimistic. Although the hamstrings are no problem, the leg muscle injuries have not been cured. , I am afraid that the 2018 World Cup is in jeopardy.

2: West Goodson Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton / Iceland / midfielder) 28 years old

[Injured part: knee]

Last summer, West Goodson moved from Swansea to Everton for a £45m transfer fee, even though the 28-year-old Icelandic squad played in the past half of the season, only for this Merseyside. The team contributes 6 goals and 5 assists, but it is undeniable that Segudson, who is good at free kicks and has excellent transmission skills, is definitely an important member of the Icelandic national team.

However, in Everton’s 2-0 win over Brighton, West Goodson accidentally injured his knees, leading to the Icelandic international or faced a 6-8 week truce, which is bound to seriously affect his World Cup. status. However, according to data from the German “Transfermarkt”, West Goodson will return to the team in late April. If the news is true, it is believed that the former Swansea player also has enough time to put his own competitive status and body. The situation is well adjusted.

3: Harry Kane, Harry Kane (Tottenham/England/Striker) 24 years old

injury site: ankle lateral collateral ligament ]

In early March, England striker Harry Kane inadvertently suffered a serious injury in the Premier League match at Tottenham’s guest in Bournemouth, requiring immediate withdrawal from the line of fire.

The Lions can not miss Kane in 2018 because the team can’t lose him. Without him, the team will be even more unbearable.

4: Neuer Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich/Germany/Goalkeeper) 31 years old

injured parts: foot bone ]

In April last year, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Neuer unfortunately ushered in a fractured left leg during the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals in Real Madrid, making it necessary to raise the season for reimbursement. Five months later, the German national again suffered the same injury shortly after the injury, leading to a 31-year-old who once again faces a prolonged truce. Up to now, Neuer has not yet returned to health.

If Neuer can’t get it, Germany will go to the strongest defense and can’t go to the quarter-finals.

 5: Neymar Neymar.Jr (Paris Saint-Germain/Brazil/Yingfeng) 26 years old

injury site: shin bone ]

Four years ago, Neymar’s early completion of his World Cup trip due to injury, and four years later, the Brazilian national again caused question marks and even full stops on his own trip to Russia due to injury.

However, when everyone was rushing for their own injuries, Neymar was able to sit in a wheelchair to imitate Hawking’s appearance and talk with people. It seems that the injury is not as serious as the media said.

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good news! Bitcoin for a 2018 World Cup Tour


April 25th, the network virtual cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been controversial, gold content once fell. But now with the 2018 World Cup or will create a different kind of good fortune. According to news from the Russian media, during the 2018 World Cup, fans can buy and buy through Bitcoin, whether they are housing or shopping! It’s just Bitcoin for a 2018 World Cup trip! !



A few weeks ago, the World Cup Organizing Committee announced that nearly 1.7 million tickets had been sold as of the end of the second phase of ticket sales. The last phase of Internet ticket sales began on April 18. From May 1 onwards, the remaining tickets will also be sold at the designated FIFA Venue Ticket Center.

Non-Russian residents can complete cross-border wire transfers after completing the “Ticket Application Form” downloaded from FIFA’s official website. The audience also needs to get a special “fan ID” to enter the stadium. According to the organizers, this measure will ensure the “comfort and safety” of the football field and allow fans to enjoy “free public transport” in places where Russia hosts multiple matches.

Seeing that the last opportunity is fleeting, fans with Bitcoin won’t be able to.

“Why not pay with cryptocurrency?” This is obviously a good question, so when Russian media raised such a problem with the organizing committee, the other party did not object. Bitcoin began to promote the World Cup in Russia. Tickets, accommodation, currency exchange – people will have many opportunities to use their own cryptocurrencies.


If you are looking for accommodation, a chain hotel in Kaliningrad supports bitcoin payments. This “Apartments Malina” hotel will be happy to collect the crypto currency from the guests. Need to exchange rubles? No problem – there has been a cryptocurrency exchange in Moscow, close to Kursky Vokzal, one of the main railway stations in Moscow.

Want to buy game tickets in Bitcoin? There is one method, but FIFA does not know yet. At present, at least two companies are providing such services through cards issued by well-known international payment vendors.


With the approach of the 2018 World Cup, more and more cryptocurrencies and football enthusiasts are watching whether they can use Bitcoin in Russia to purchase tournament tickets. Although the official did not give such purchase options, there are already some companies that have begun offering such services to people. Therefore, football fans who are about to go to Russia can not only use Bitcoin to stay in “Apartments Malina” in Kaliningrad, but also use it to purchase tickets and even exchange rubles.


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